A downloadable game for Windows

This Game made for #BYOG 2020 . 

Title: Portal HoP

Themes Used: Jump gone wrong , One Second


Collect 3 Power crystals to became Inevitable


Player has to Collect 3 Power Crystals to became inevitable. Player has to "JUMP" into  Portal to voyage different worlds to collect power crystals. Portal opens to different worlds switch every "ONE SECOND".  Each world will have different challenges with varying difficulty in getting power Crystals. 


-  Player has to collect 3 power crystals jump on the portal to travel different worlds . 

- There are 5 Different worlds called Red, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green. Crystals will be available only on 3 worlds (blue,  yellow & green) and Other 2 world red and Brown will be instant death or player has to survive 

- Player Death considered as "JUMP GONE WRONG" 

-  Player can only survive for 30 seconds after a portal jump. if he collects "ONE SECOND" Collectables , timer to survive world gets increases to 1 second.


W, A, S, D  for movement & Mouse for look around

[SPACE] for Jump

Team member involved:

[Ashish singha, Suraj, Jayanth, LintoRobin]

On a Side note: This game story is completely a new idea ,exclusively created for this game jam. (this  has nothing to do with Avengers END GAME).

Unable to fully complete our adventurous ideas into our game, due to  power cut and I blame Electro (amazing spiderman villain) .


Portal_hop.zip 28 MB

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